We Are Now Intango!


After completing an intensive, meaningful re-branding process, we are excited to share with you our new corporate brand name – Intango!

Nothing changes (but the name) – we are still the same company that stands behind your daily digital marketing experience.

We’ve been here since 2008 – the same people, the same minds – continuously exploring how to create and provide you with the most innovative, effective, simple and reliable digital advertising and marketing solutions.

We offer you a variety of performance-based ads solutions, including full service / self-service platforms for advertisers and publishers, video expertise and XML / RTB supporting ads for extra optimization.

 Three of our highly popular products keep their names:

  • SelfAdvertiser.com– self-service platform for advertisers.
  • RevenueHits– self-service platform for publishers
  • RevenueVids –optimization platform for video advertising

We invite you to Intango with us, and may we all win!


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