How to Succeed With Video Advertising


Video is pretty incredible. I don’t think there’s any other medium that has so much power to engage an audience and tell a story.

I can say from my own experience that I hated history in school, but these days when I take a short break from work, I find myself 30 minutes later struggling not to click on the next episode of some snarky history buff’s rehash of the Punic Wars.

But it’s not just me. The staggering numbers of videos online now, and the ever-growing time that people spend on YouTube, attest to it.

As a marketing form, video has huge potential. It’s the fastest-growing type of online advertising, and with good reason.

Video ads offer brands the opportunity to get their message out in creative ways that viewers will enjoy, connect with and share.

Effective video marketing can make a big difference in conversion rates: adding a video to your landing page can increase conversion by up to 80%. Customers are much more likely to buy online after watching a video, especially if it’s combined with a full-page ad.

To get the benefits, you just have to know how to make the right video for the right audience.


1. Make it short and sweet… or maybe not

How long should your video be?

It’s a good question, but there’s no good answer. Basically, as short as possible, but maybe longer than you think.

Shorter videos definitely get more clicks, and since most viewers won’t watch all the way to the end of a video that’s more than one minute, you might as well keep it to a scale that people will engage with. (Or, if you really need the extra time for your message, front-load the important information in the first 30 seconds.)

The most effective commercials are only 30 seconds long – think Super Bowl ads.

However, the “shorter is better” rule isn’t universal. In some cases, you might want to experiment with longer, more complex videos. This allows you to tell a richer and more compelling story so your visitors will have a more emotional and memorable experience.

In fact, research shows that the most successful tutorials and crowdfunding videos are between 1.5 to four minutes.

Long story short, the length of your video depends on your message and your audience.

32. Be smart in finding your audience

There is a huge amount of consumer data on the web. As a marketer, your analytic work is less about getting more data and more about knowing what data to look for.

Whether you use your own CRM data or get information from the network you partner with, or some third party source, you need to understand who is getting your message and how they’re affected by it.

From this, you can lean how to create a more powerful marketing message in your videos.

Keep in mind that watching a video is a time investment for the viewer. Yes, it’s only a 30-second investment, but with the attention span of today’s internet user, that’s a bit of a commitment. You want to be sure that if you’re taking the trouble to make a video, it will be something your target audience will respond strongly to.


3. Get the right reaction4

Never forget that the goal of a video is not to entertain or educate your prospects but to sell your products and services.

Everything in your video should lead towards conversion.

You should ask yourself:

What state of mind is most conducive for buying my product? Am I generating the correct emotion in the viewer? Is the call to action clear enough and easy to follow? Does it offer value to the user?

If you have the answers to these questions and you apply them while making your video, chances are your video’s going to work.


4. Make the most out of your resources

Making a great video doesn’t necessarily demand a huge budget. What matters is that you put in the time and effort to do it right.

Start with a concept. You can watch videos from similar companies to get ideas. See what succeeds, how viewers are responding in the comments and what tone the video associates with the product.

Now come up with your own idea and script it out.

Comedy sells in most cases, but if the joke doesn’t come naturally, don’t force it. Nothing kills a video like forced humor.

Use clear language – nothing the viewer will have to look up on Google or rewind to understand.

Your video should make the viewers envision themselves using your product and having a great experience with it. Use the narrative format of the video to put them in the shoes of someone who benefits from the product.

If you do this right, by the time they’re done watching, the viewers will feel like they’ve already been enjoying your product, and now they’re missing out by not owning it. That’s a great mindset for your potential customers!

Plan your shots in as much detail as you can. They should also tell a story. Watch a few ads with the sound off. You’ll see that the best ones convey their message even without music or dialogue.

You want your ad to look professional, so it’s well worth it to spend some cash on a professional photographer and actors at the very least. In most cases, you should look into production companies that offer commercial packages, including writing, casting, shooting and editing.

Don’t sabotage yourself with amateur filming and awkward acting from the guys in your office. (Unless you have a good reason to go for that look.) Viewers can always tell the difference.

Finally, release it at the right time. Mobile video viewing peaks from Thursday to Saturday: 49% of mobile video ads are watched during these days. Speaking of which…


5. Design your video to be watched on a phone

Mobile viewing has been doubling every year, and roughly half of all video ads in the US today are watched on smartphones.

So aim your ad to the smallest screen. Images have to be extra clear. Go easy on text, and any text you need to include should be large and legible.


Video marketing is one of the best sales medium out there. People love a good story, and video is the most engaging way to tell one. Clients can form a personal connection to your brand through videos, and if yours is good enough, they’ll want to share it. That’s success on all fronts!

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