Intango’s Programmatic RTB Solution Boosts Ad Network’s Results

Within 6 months of using Intango’s programmatic XML platform, ad network Propeller Ads saw a sharp increase in the monthly revenue of their direct publishers.


Improvements shown by Ad Network Propeller Ads

The internet ad network Propeller Ads provides multi-channel online advertising solutions for customers in over 195 countries. The company promises to tens of thousands of direct publishers a maximal income from their sites.

The Challenge of the Ad Network

Propeller Ads aims to provide its publishers with the highest possible monetization rates for their massive pop inventories. In order to do that, Propeller Ads must process competitive bids in real-time, identify campaigns with the highest eCPM value and optimize accordingly. This technological ‘juggling’ is required so that Propeller Ads can satisfy its partners’ business goals, while maintaining an increasing profit over time.

The Solution

Propeller Ads conquers these challenges thanks to Intango’s XML platform, an in-house, programmatic and highly targeted real-time bidding monetization solution. With its built-in fraud detection systems, fast response time and capability to handle large traffic volumes, Intango’s XML solution offers publishers clear advantages:

  • Thousands of direct advertisers bidding on quality pop traffic – with high bids and fewer discrepancies.
  • An in-house smart optimization process, based on relevancy of ads to the publishers’ audiences and historical campaign data.
  • Full data transparency and accuracy of performance statistics allow highly effective optimization, generating a constant monetization improvement, while reducing IT costs.

The Results

“The ongoing troubleshooting, source cleanup, and rate tuning provided by Intango, make all the difference,” says Marina Malova, account manager at Propeller Ads. “Six months after we began using Intango’s programmatic XML solution, we saw amazing growth. There’s an unbelievable change in our KPIs.”

The following chart illustrates the growth experienced by Propeller Ads over a period of six months, since they started implementing Intango’s programmatic XML solution:

Figure 1: Ad Network Propeller Ads’ KPIs Before and After Implementation of Intango’s XML Solution

Figure 1: Propeller Ads’ KPIs Before and After Implementation of Intango’s XML Solution





With 2 billion ad impressions every day, Intango guarantees its clients optimal fill rates across all geographic regions and highly competitive bid rates. You too can start using Intango’s XML solution, the ideal tool for increasing profits and obtaining greater value from your pop traffic space. Just click below to leave your details and we’ll get back to you.


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